Academic and Personal Blogs:

Hacking, Remixing, Design – Spring 2017

This seminar explored making, hacking, and remixing as creative and critical practices in the form of studio workshops and reflective class activities. My class blog features 5 different digital projects, ranging from an “virtually unlimited paper fortune teller” to an “impossible” marketing campaign for behavioral manipulation.

Introduction to Digital Studies – Fall 2016

This course provides an introduction to the history of digital studies, an overview of machine learning and ethical concerns related to changes in the digital age. My class blog features 3 reflections on class activities related to digital memory, online privacy, and freedom in the digital age.

IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities Program – Fall 2015

As a First Generation Scholarship Recipient, I wrote 3 blog posts during my first semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These reflections captured the struggles of living abroad, the beauty of learning a new language in an immersive environment, and the challenges of constructing an identity.

Educational Technology Fundamentals in La Universidad de Buenos Aires – Spring 2016

During my second semester abroad in Buenos Aires, I enrolled in this class. On the first day, we were asked to draw out what we thought the “classroom of the future” would look like. After explaining my idea in somewhat broken Spanish to the class, I’m proud to say that my prototype for the assignment was featured on the class blog!

Research at Elemental Coding School – January 2017

I received the Dean Rusk International Travel Grant to research what were informal educational practices in La Paz, Bolivia. My research experience and travel abroad struggles are best documented in my travel blog.


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